Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I'm in here ...

I've tried so hard to ignore the lure of the grannie square ... since learning to crochet this time last year (has it been a year already! wow) I have carefully avoided the dreaded squares by busying myself with beautiful shawl and scarves.  I thought them old fashioned and frumpy and well, boring I suppose.  But then I saw a blog, called Attic24, and on there Lucy had the cutest grannie square blanket, and so I clicked, and clicked some more until I found her pattern (right here) for grannie squares.  Before I knew it I had selected yarn - never used before but it had good reviews - and chose colours (oh the colours!) and they were ordered.  As I type, I know that at least one lot of yarn is on its way.  

And now I have plans, plans for my own kooky kind of grannie square blanket.  Bright, but with pale blue and white, so fresh looking too ... well that's what I'm hoping.  A blanket that will be totally out of place in our modern, leather sofa-ed, child filled home but it's time to spread my crochet-ness throughout my house.

I also bought a book.  One with lots of edges and that is on its way too.  I'm hoping to find an edge in there for my blanket.  It's been highly recommended so I'm just going to enjoy paging through it for a while until inspiration strikes.